Living Large on a Teacher’s Salary

This summer I’ve decided to dedicate some of my blog posts to the things that get neglected during the school year. Summer is a time to recharge and tend to other parts of your life (don’t worry! There will still be plenty of teaching-centric blog posts, so stay tuned for those too.) But some posts, such as this one, will be about helping to develop that life balance you need to survive as a teacher/human being.

Speaking of surviving, right about now is when my last paycheck of the school year has disappeared and it’s time to rely on savings until fall rolls around. You can start to feel the pinch. BUT, I came across this amazing blog post (full disclosure – the blogger is my sister, but that doesn’t make the post less awesome. Maybe it makes it even MORE awesome …), that has inspired me to make some changes in some of my habits this summer and going forward. Interested in stretching your dollar? Getting out of debt? Maybe even retiring early? Well check out this post and the adjoining links, and you too might be inspired to make some changes too!

Life By the Numbers – from Lemon Grove Ave Blog

Teach on, my friends!


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